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Centre for the Study of the International Relations of the Middle East and North Africa


Dr Farmanfarmaian has been awarded a $3,000 grant from the Center for Global Communication Studies, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania, to produce a paper entitled:  'Iran’s Rhetoric Aggression:  Instrumentalising Foreign Policy Power through the Media.'

The question it poses is: How has Iran mediated its foreign policy instrument of rhetoric aggression to project its power, protect its self-constituted image abroad, deflect attacks on Shi’ism and promote the idea of a strong Islam – and how has this differed in the period before and after the nuclear deal?  For further information on the Iran Media Program, please click here.

She has also been invited to participate at the Annenberg-Oxford Summer Institute's Panel on: 'Media Systems, New Technologies, and Socio-Political Change'.  This panel provides a comparative examination of the complex ways in which media systems and new communication technologies impact social and political narratives, guide institutional behaviour, form and reform constituencies, and spur or stifle moments of political action.

Panelists will review how the intersection between old media, digital media, and collective organization variably affects the political opportunity structure in established democracies, transitioning states, semi-authoritarian and authoritarian contexts. It will review the avenues for change that new technologies offer within diverging socio-economic and political contexts and challenge certain tropes associated with social media, political change, and "democratization".

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